A landmark


Wooralla has long been a place of mystery. Hidden behind a towering wall of Monterey pines, theatre designer Percy A Allen’s home was known for its Arts and Crafts style and subtle gothic touches.

The existing house was one of the first in Australia to use suspended concrete for residential construction. For Wooralla, Wolveridge Architects envisages a series of beautiful homes that connect the past with the present — low scale buildings crafted in natural materials that exist in harmony with the extensive gardens.

Percy Allen was a bit of a character. He bought the site in the 1930s and decided to recreate an English manor. He spent years living in a small cottage, working with a group of local fellows, and it cost a hell of a lot of money. The work was done with horses — no tractors or modern machinery, but they cleared the whole area and built the house with materials imported from England.

Percy A Allen House